• Steffen Sculpted Kit
  • Steffen Kick Drum
  • Steffen Snare & Toms
  • Tomas – Kick and Toms
  • Tomas – Full kit
  • Tomas snare
  • Rachel Sermanni
  • Charred and Carved
  • Ekki
  • bo-Pah
  • Harvard Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Mahogany Ramon
  • Heilo Fire
  • Oak snare
  • Rosewood snare
  • Mahogany, Bamboo, Birch and Ekki snare
  • Maple snare
  • Mahogany snare


English drum boutique based on the work of artist and master craftsman Jon Hammond. We hand carve art pieces both visually and sonically as Jon’s self expressive responses to our clients and the world around him.


Historically significant, our reclaimed woods reflect their vast experiences over decades and centuries in both their resonance and beauty.


Representing the hand work of an artist exploring all aspects of drum sculptures, both visually and sonically in a cutting edge environment. There are no boundaries.


Hand delivery is an extremely important part of our creative method; the final chapter in our part of the drum’s journey.

Our Family

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Serenity In Norway

Serenity In Norway

It’s now been nearly a year since we visually documented a number of hand...